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Forest Reserves Of Botswana

Forest Reserves Of Botswana

Kasane Forest Reserve-Kasane

Lesoma valley offers campsites, walking safaris, and night game drives by local tour operators.

Kasane Forest Reserve-Kasane

Kasane Forest Reserve Extension is a park in Botswana and is nearby to Lesoma, Lesomo and Sidudu Valley.

Sibuyu Forest Reserve-Kasane

To the ancient San hunters and gatherers, this was a land of plenty that teemed with game, and held abundant water, and wild fruits and vegetables. Today the only traces of human existence and pre-historic activity lie at the ruins at Nunga. An area ideal for camping and walking safaris, especially around the pans.

Maikaelelo Forest Reserve-Chobe

The pans in this reserve offer lodging and campsites.


Kazuma Forest Reserve-Chobe

Kazuma Forest Reserve boasts the world’s busiest elephant corridor that joins two of the world’s greatest parks: the Chobe National Park in Botswana and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Ideal for camping and walking safaris.