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OGTS is a 100% citizen owned company, located in Botswana, Gaborone. OGTS was formed as a company committed to install & develop future generation remote Asset Locator Devices in order to immediately locate and aid in the timely rescue of Missing Vehicles While also serving the business platform, as a way to better manage the logistics of Valuable Assets, Deliveries, Fleet Vehicles and Outside Personnel/Tourists.

Our remote Asset Tracking Device(s) immediately locate and help rescue lost or missing Assets anywhere, with a simple text message (sms), cellphone call or computer key stroke. These same Locator Devices can be used in the business arena in order to better manage the logistics of outside personnel, sales people, deliveries, fleet operations, valuable packages or equipment in transit, helping to increase their business efficiency and thus improve profits


To be the undisputed industry pioneer in Vehicle Tracking and fleet management solutions for business use and individuals and provide exceptional service by pursuing Business through Innovation and advanced Technology.

Mission Statement:

To provide excellent customer service through national presence and 24 hour assistance with a continuous focus on eliminating and minimizing the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity & profitability.


  • Responsive
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Transparency

Operation & Security:

The asset tracking units can communicate via SMS, GPRS and a combination of both methods depending on the client’s requirements. There are no barriers to the operation of the Ogts asset tracking unit/s in regard to a countries borders.The tracking units operate in every country in the world and will report to the owners of the units no matter where the unit or the owner may be. Only the company that owns the Ogts asset tracking units can see the location of the vehicle/s, nobody else. In the extremely unlikely event somebody gains access to a unit, all owners of the unit will be send this cellphone sim-card number.



1. Speed reporting to within 1Km.
2. The actual time of a trip starting.
3. The time taken from start of a trip to its completion.
4. Maximum speed, average speed and idle time.
5. Speeding alarm. Giving actual location including date and time of the offence.
6. Excessive idling.
7. Geo-fence. No-go areas.
8. Motion alarm. If the vehicle is knocked.
9. Excessive changes in direction such a violent swerving.
10. Harsh acceleration.
11. Harsh braking.
12. Immobilisation.
13. Listening to conversations within the vehicle.
14. Driver ID.
15. Fuel monitoring.
And many other features.


OGTS has fitment center in Botswana, Gaborone Alternatively
OGTS will come to you and install your tracking unit at a time
and place convenient for you.
Head Office: Gaborone
Tlokweng Industrial Plot 16
Opposite Choppies Engen

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